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Blog and Ping? What is it?

GO Marketing, or Get Optimized Marketing, is a leading Long Island SEO company helping small business owners expand their online reach. We've decided to take advantage of this blogging platform to help our readers understand what we do and how you can do it yourself with a little time and effort...

Blog and Ping are two of the most frequently used words in the IT sector today. These two words are on everyone’s lips or so it seems. So why are blogs and pinging getting so much attention? Blogs and the pinging of them can get you very good profits in the long run. So what exactly are blogs and pinging?

A blog is a website where members can discuss online their views on a particular topic. There are some blogs that are general in nature where people can discuss anything and there are blogs on which you can discuss only a particular topic. However it is advisable that when you start a blog it should not be generalized but it should be opened on a particular topic. For example instead of starting a blog on the Information Technology you can start a blog only related to Microsoft Technologies. There are a lot of blog software packages that you can use on your server and then run independently.

Blogs are increasingly used for SEO marketing. Through blogs you can advertise your internet site on these blogs. "Blog and Ping" is a process through which you can post a snippet of information from your site to a blog to increase your search engine rankings. When you post snippets of your website's information on the blog, search engine sites like Google and Yahoo will find it more easily. The search engine will be able to track your site more quickly due to the constant spidering and indexing of these blogs. You can blog and ping only very important information from your site and not all information. You can also rent links to your site which makes the work of spidering easier for search engines. There were many aggressive marketers before who used to blog and ping all their web pages and did so repeatedly. As a result the search sites termed the individuals spammers and then banned their websites from ranking.

So how is blog and ping done successfully? The tasks can be easily done with the help of software packages like WordPress and RSS to Blog or a simple indexing plugin. Using these software packages you can submit your links to over 50 blog directories at a click of a button. You can download WordPress and RSS to Blog and then install them on your server. Once you have installed the programs on your server you should them customize them according to your needs. Then you should create a list of links from your site to be submitted to the blog sites. You can do this automatically using RSS to Blog or a similar service/plugin. You can save these links for future use also so that you don’t have to enter the list of links all over again. You also have the ability to add more data to RSS to Blog from external sources. The list of blog entries are automatically modified when you make more entries.

Hence we see that blog and ping are one of the best methods to make your website more famous in the search engines. You can use them and also modify their configuration according to your needs.

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